Why Establish a Ritual

The 8-week virtual transformation program isn’t only built on the premise of having a health and wellness coach at your fingertips at all times, it’s built to establish rituals in your life. Rituals have been defined as the surface demonstration of your inner values. People generally use religious traditions and rituals to help discover their identity and to find their place in the world. However, as a powerful professional, you already know your place in the world, every one of your calculated steps is made to improve yourself. This program is the establishment of a ritual, a representation of your powerful inner values of bettering yourself at every turn.

The Premise

Once you’ve used our program to establish a ritual out of healthy practice, it will actively relieve your daily anxiety. Rituals bring order and structure to a world that is chaotic, stressful, and full of anxiety triggers. They act as a coping mechanism that our brain uses to deal with constant uncertainty and strange unpredictable events occurring. The main reasoning for this phenomenon is that the act of engaging in a scripted sequence and accomplishing the expectations you and your virtual health and wellness coach have set will give you a sense of control and order. This ritual deceives your brain into thinking that it exists in an enjoyable state of predictable constants and overall stability, even if it’s nothing but.

The Science

Based off of several studies, the brain uses rituals to deal with most bumps in the road. You could probably note this with a nod to your bedtime ritual. Perhaps you wash your face, do some sort of skin care routine, pull back the covers, and lay between the cool sheets while taking a couple of calming breaths. Psychologists and therapists use this to assist insomniacs, they encourage consistency before bed that should be followed to a T because it forces the brain and body to relax. Within the studies related to this hypothesis, they find that the brain shows reduced activation in response to failures and even reactive emotions after completing a ritual, but only if the ritual is completed. Thus, rituals effectively desensitize the brain’s anxiety related reactions to error or general instability in our lives.

Forming The Ritual

In relation to our program, we have a a few tips for you when starting the virtual transformation program with your health and wellness coach. Perform the instructions at the beginning of the day or the end of the day. This doesn’t have to be right when you wake up, or right before you go to bed, but it helps if it’s at the same time of the day and in association with the end of a certain task. Queen Mary of Scots was known for her saying “en ma fin gît mon commencement” which means “in my end is my beginning.” This saying applies to the forming of strong rituals because it mentions the cyclical relationship of events, beginnings, and ends, and will support the importance of the rituals anxiety-reducing effects.

Make It Personal

A key portion of this program is for you to make the ritual and process personal. Your health coach will be able to guide you more effectively to success if you make this ritual, or this program, mean something more to you. Find the beginning of your new lifestyle at the end of your old one with our virtual transformation program.