Some foods that claim to be healthy but are actually ruining your progress

Countless people across the United States have a goal in mind: being healthy. It’s not unusual. Who wouldn’t want to look amazing and feel incredible? Unfortunately, not everyone has someone to guide them on the right path and help them choose foods and supplements that are actually healthy and don’t just say that they’re healthy. More often than not, brands will market their foods as being all natural and nutritious, even though they’re packed with additives. As certified nutrition specialists here in Leawood, we’ve seen far too many people feel confused that the foods that they’ve been consuming aren’t all that fantastic. Here are a few.


Cereal seems like an innocuous food group. So many boast that they’re made with real fruit and whole grains. While this might be true, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re good for you. A lot of cereals at the grocery stores are packed with added sugar, which unfortunately negates some of the effects of the actually good ingredients. Next time you’re shopping for cereal, check the ingredients list. If one of the first things you see is “high fructose corn syrup” or something similar, ditch it. Fortunately, there are some cereals that are good for you and that taste great.

Fruit juice

It has the word fruit in it, it must be healthy, right? Even though these drinks have the words juice and fruit in the in the name, that doesn’t mean they’re fantastic to drink. Most fruit juices are loaded with added sugars and the amount of actual fruit is way less than you’d think. And, even the ones that boast that they’re low in sugar are packed with artificial sweeteners, which are even worse. If you’re craving a fruity beverage, try making one yourself and sweeten it with agave or some honey.

Low fat anything

Trust us, if it says low fat, then it’s likely packed with sodium or sugar. Fat in and of itself isn’t bad. We need it for healthy functioning. However, what people might not know is that there is a huge difference between mono-unsaturated fats and trans-fats. Unsaturated fats are great for us, and they’re found in some fish, nuts, and olive oil. Transfats or saturated fats convert are what we want to avoid. Basically, buying items that are low fat aren’t doing us any good.

You want something quick and easy, but you also want to be healthy. A frozen “healthy” food dish seems like a perfect option! While these may be low in calories and certainly easy to make, you don’t quite know what you’re consuming most of the time. A lot of the ingredients are extremely processed and loaded with sugar or sodium. Before you purchase anything packaged or frozen, be sure to check the ingredients and amount of sodium. Discretion is key.

If you really want to find a route that works and food that’s amazing for you, be sure to contact Real Life Nutrition. We’ll set you up with a certified nutrition specialist who will start you on the path to success!