Here are a few healthy holiday tips

Hello, and welcome back! Thanksgiving is in a week, and that’s just the start of weeks of holiday festivities, which almost always include treats. The holidays are meant for indulgences, and as a certified nutrition specialist who is also a person, I don’t discourage people from eating great food during the season! However, what I do recommend is that people do so in moderation, and balance goodies and healthy foods.

As we inch towards the holidays, be smart about what you put in your body. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track:

Don’t over-indulge

Some people exist under the fallacy that just because you started off the day with a mess up, you can continue messing up. Somehow, that early-in-the day cheat means that it isn’t even worth it to continue the rest of the day in a healthy fashion! This couldn’t be farther from the truth! First, your wellness shouldn’t be divided up by days, but rather practiced on a continuum. So, if you continue to cheat all day, the slip up isn’t just going to be erased the next day! In fact, it will affect how you feel the next day, which is somewhere between the lines of gross and tired.

That being said, if you eat some pumpkin pie for breakfast, don’t continue the day on that note. A piece of pie doesn’t mean the rest of the day should be lost to unhealthy foods. You’re allowed to eat pie, just don’t make it an entire day’s meal!

Be kind to portions

Whenever we go to holiday parties and dinners with unlimited food options, take care to consider portions. It’s so easy to fill up two plates with food and treats and then get seconds! Next time you go to a holiday party, be diligent about portions and take care not to overfill the plate. You can still enjoy the food without stuffing yourself to the brim with it. If you still feel hungry after you eat, follow the 15 minute rule; our bodies sometimes take a while to register that we’re full. If after 15 minutes you still feel hungry, have some more!

Watch out for alcohol

Wines, champagnes, and cocktails are abundant during the holidays! What many people fail to realize is that these things are jammed with calories, and empty ones. Having a few drinks with friends is fun, but this season, if you’re trying to achieve a certain goal, try to limit yourself. Trust me, drinking is something that anyone can do without, and you can’t feel hungover if you don’t drink! If you do decide to drink, which is totally okay, go for lighter options. Sugary cocktails, hearty beers, and sweet wines contain more calories than drinks that aren’t filled with sugars and carbs.

Happy holidays from Real Life Nutrition! Before you jump into the festivities, consider nutrition coaching! We’ll work with you to make sure you make it through the season in the healthiest way possible. See you!