With the release of our new 8-week virtual transformation program, we’ve been pondering the effects of habit building. Our program follows the three scientifically backed habit building processes. Within our program, we have three phases: detox that corresponds with “cue”, ignite that matches with “routine”, and thrive that follows the guidelines of “reward.” When you sign up with a dynamic health coach, you receive research backed and tested programs that show results, because it takes factors like total health of the body into consideration, including the brain.

Using a Health Coach To Promote Habit Formation

Habit formation is defined as a process in which new behaviors are repeated and become automatic over time. Habits differ majorly from rituals, because while rituals are comforting, habits are behaviors that have been carved into your neural pathways they’ve been repeated so often, and so faithfully.  

The Steps Of A Formation

Use memory to replace bad habits, this is rooted in faithful repetition that creates the automatic habit response. Our program is built off of the idea of Habit Replacement which can be sometimes referred to as “looping” in the psychology world. It’s important to note that if you’re hoping to change an ingrained habit, you have to engage as a participant who is highly motivated. Observe habits forming and mark them, you’ll then promote and keep consciously performing this habit. Use reinforcement notes to ensure that you’re forming the proper habits. Your health coach will most likely lay out the expectations of the program, once these are established you can then look for them being repeated in your own behavior and set reminders to keep doing them so it’s not entirely reliant on your self-conscious.

The Anatomy of A Habit

Your goal to create the habits and then keep them will be based off creating a notable trigger, or cue, that will activate the carving in your neural pathway, and you’ll then feel the need to carry out the habit. It could be something as simple as cracking your knuckles or massaging your upper arm, it’s often most effective when it’s physical. The routine, or in our case, the ignite portion of our program will be the behavior itself being acted out. The last portion of the habit is the reward stage, or rather, our Thrive step of the program. You either have to associate a reward with the action, or the action itself has to be the reward. Luckily, your nutrition coach is skilled in making the action of exercise and eating right a treat on its own.

By the end of our virtual transformation program, you’ll have created great habits that you’ll enjoy carrying out. Thrive with a great program and great health coach. Sign up for your program today!