Avoid these foods this holiday season

It’s the holiday season, which means that delicious food is in abundance. Avoiding this food altogether is impossible, and limiting ourselves to only having a little bit here and there is equally as difficult. Like most things, though, holiday food comes in a huge range of calories, fat content, and additives. As a nutrition coach, I’ve found that some foods are much worse than others; if you’re going to indulge, do so smartly! You don’t have to totally resist digging into a buffet at a party or dinner, but you should use discretion with the foods you do choose to eat! Here are some foods to avoid this season:

Pecan pie

You might be shocked to hear that pecan pie made the list because pecans, in moderation, are pretty healthy! However, they’re very high in fat and calories. Combine that with pie crust, butter, and tons of sugar and you’ve got yourself a food that’s enough to kill any health regimen. If you’re going to indulge in pie, try an apple or pumpkin pie, both of which have more vitamins and also more fiber!

Candied yams

Yams and sweet potatoes are one of the best things in the world for you! But, if you bake them with high amounts of sugar and other additives, they’re anything but healthy. This holiday season, if possible, opt for plain sweet potatoes or yams. To spruce them up, add a small pat of butter or sprinkle on some honey or brown sugar.

Canned cranberry sauce

Trust me, cranberry sauce, which is usually straight from a can, isn’t healthy at all. It’s extremely processed and jam (no pun intended) packed with added sugar. If you’re the one cooking this season, don’t take the easy route with canned cranberry sauce. Instead, make a homemade version which is going to be way tastier, anyways. And, you could feel much better about smothering it on the rest of your food!

Boxed stuffing

Stuffing is bad enough as it is, but the kind from the box is a whole new can of worms that just shouldn’t be touched. If you’re going to make stuffing, make it from scratch and use multi-grain bread instead of refined bread! That way, you’ll be getting in whole grains which have more nutrients and fiber! I promise it will still be delicious!


Surprise! A sweet drink made from heavy cream, sugar, and eggs just isn’t that great for you. Not only is eggnog packed to the brim with unhealthy fat and cholesterol, but it’s also filled with sugar and other additives. Additionally, for the adults, alcohol is added for an extra kick. This holiday season, if you’re trying to stick to a healthy regimen, maybe nix the eggnog for something lighter, like spiced apple cider!

Thanks for stopping by! You don’t have to totally cut out unhealthy holiday food, but be sure to be particular about what you do eat. In the meantime, if you need a nutrition coach in Leawood to help you through the season, start with Real Life Nutrition today!