How a Balanced Diet Could Improve Your Life

Everyday, people make changes in their lives for specific reasons. Some people may dye their hair because they want a new look. Others may start learning a new language because they want to become more cultured. When people make changes, it’s usually to better themselves. We as humans crave to be the best we can be. One genre of change that people have always been trending towards is finding ways to become healthier. Whether it be to lose weight, to feel better, or for better overall well being, people are constantly coming up with new reasons to achieve wellness.

What’s wonderful about achieving a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle is that even though people have specific goals about what they want out of wellness, they’re often met with a medley of other benefits. Health is more of an abstract concept that can mean thousands of things. As a certified nutritionist, I’ve seen the power of what choosing a balanced and healthy diet over something less optimal can do for people. Here are some of the many great things that choosing balance can carry:

Healthier Weight

When we fill our bodies with high calorie and processed foods, like those found at most fast food places, our bodies are going to reflect what we put in them. These foods are high in calories, but are equally as low in nutritional value. Not only are you taking in way too many calories, but you’re not reaping the benefits that nutrient rich foods hold in them. Consuming a diet filled with vitamins and minerals as well as healthy fats, carbs, and proteins is going to help you maintain a healthy weight without the stress of dieting.

Improved Mood

High sugar and saturated diets aren’t doing anything for your mood. While eating a cheeseburger from your local fast food joint might make you feel good at first, a diet chock full of foods like this might actually make everyday feel like a bad day. Our bodies are primed to function with nutrients, and depriving yourself of these necessary components can bring down mood quite substantially. Mood is controlled by neurotransmitters that our brains emit. However, if you’re depriving yourself of nutrients, your brain isn’t going to be functioning optimally. Healthy foods enable healthy functioning, and filling your diet with amazing, nutrient rich foods is going to make us happier. It’s simple, really.

Higher Energy

Similar to mood, our energy levels are dependent on how readily available the necessary building blocks are. One of food’s many purposes is to fuel our bodies, and it doesn’t make sense to fuel it with energy that isn’t efficient. We require a special type of gasoline to power us through our days. Unfortunately, french fries and a chocolate shake for every meal isn’t going to give us the energy we need to live.

Balance doesn’t mean cutting out everything that makes you happy. Eating yummy foods that aren’t so great every once in awhile is okay, as long as your primary diet is balanced and filled with healthy nutrients. Thanks for reading today’s post! When you come for nutrition counseling, we’ll determine what a balanced diet means for you!