Drink enough water for health and wellness purposes!

Your parents have probably told you from a young age to drink eight glasses of water a day—they technically weren’t wrong! While eight glasses is just a rough number, it still outlines the fact that you should be drinking a lot of water every day. All of our organs use water to function, and without it, we wouldn’t be alive! As a certified nutritionist, I always tell my clients to drink water along with their nutrition plan; the amount of which varies on the BMI and weight of the person. While everyone knows that water is essential for life, they’re not nearly as informed on how water can affect their day to day lives. Curious? Here’s how:

A boosted metabolism

Your body can’t break down food and transform it into energy without water, simple. That being said, even the smallest lack of water can throw of metabolic function. A lower metabolism means that the body won’t burn fat as often. Drinking water is an easy way to boost metabolism. Research has shown that drinking water throughout the day leads to a higher metabolism, which can aid in fat-loss. Many people who seek out nutrition services do so because they want to get into shape and maintain a healthy weight. If they don’t drink enough water, their diet won’t be nearly as effective.

A better mood

Like it or not, the feelings of happiness that you experience throughout the day are caused by neurotransmitters, like serotonin and oxytocin. In order for the synapses to fire, or release these neurotransmitters, adequate amounts of water need to be present. Water both provides the energy and electrical charge for the process to work. When you don’t drink enough, you’re causing these processes to slow down. The result? A less happy you. This may sound complicated, but the equation is simple: no water equals no happiness.

Boosted energy

Take it back to the point on metabolism. A lack of water inhibits how effective our bodies are at burning fuel; and, fuel is energy for the body! If you’re not drinking enough water, you’re going to feel drowsy. When you don’t drink water, you facilitate a bad cycle. First, you won’t have the energy to be active. And, if you don’t have the energy to be active, then you’re going to feel less inclined to follow a healthy regimen. Bottom line? Drink more water.



You’ll look better!

Apply moisturizer all you want, your skin is most likely going to look dry and flaky if you don’t drink enough water. Water hydrates the skin and works to prevent wrinkles by improving elasticity. Additionally, your body cannot flush out toxins without water; the first place that excess toxins manifest is on the skin.

We can go on and on about the benefits of water! Make sure that you’re drinking it throughout the day, every day. Your body will thank you! If you’re in the Leawood area and looking for nutrition services, try out Real Life Nutrition! We’ll set you up with classes and start you on the path to health and wellness.