1. Eating Out? Skip the Burger and Fries. There are Healthy Options!

    Making the decision to go out to eat can easily be the best part of your day and something you look forward to. Choosing from a variety of meal options, having your food served directly to you and best of all, no clean up! However, for those who try to stick to a healthy diet, it may seem like a dif…Read More

  2. Take A Trip Down Healthy Lane

    Everyone has pulled over on a long drive and ravenously eaten something they regret, whether their vice is in the gas station candy aisle or on the fast food menu.  But when swimsuit season and road trip season overlap, it’s best to plan for cravings before hitting the road.  Whether you belie…Read More

  3. The Realities of Diets – Just Get Real…With Jess

    We live in a society where many people tend to gravitate toward “black and white thinking” and extremes. The health and wellness industries are inundated with examples of extremism in many forms. Everyday a new headline pronounces a certain food as “bad and ruining our health,” while promoti…Read More

  4. Someday Is Not a Day

    Hello, Friends –  Welcome to a new week!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend!  It was a great one for me, as I got to spend it (and a couple of days last week) on vacation, in Northern California wine country, with my husband and some friends of ours.  It was a wonderful getaway filled with a lot…Read More

  5. You Can’t Outrun Your Fork

    Welcome to a new week!  It was a bit of a rough weekend for me – my husband and I were both really sick with a cold and cough (thanks to one of our kids/carrier monkeys).  Ick.  Neither of us really had an appetite, but I knew it was important to feed our bodies so that we could have the energy…Read More

  6. Ask Different Questions, Get Different Answers

    Hello, Friends!  Can you believe it’s June already?! Today I’m going to share something with you that has truly been a game-changer for me.  I’ve learned how to ask myself questions so that I come up with the answers that I like and want.  Clear as mud?  Let me explain… I had a really in…Read More

  7. A New Adventure!

     Hello, friend – I hope you are doing well!  It is blowing my mind that this coming weekend marks the unofficial start of Summer with Memorial Day!  How is it possible that it is the end of May already? I haven’t blogged for a while and that I partially because I’ve been so insanely busy an…Read More

  8. I’m Really Worried…

    Hey everyone – It has been a whirlwind the last couple of weeks!  As I’m sure you know – life can get pretty crazy at times!  What I’m thinking about today is my concern over people’s health.  My husband I recently went to Las Vegas for a fun 3-night getaway.  We took with us all of th…Read More