1. Friends with Health Benefits

    Did you know that rocking your health with your friends will help you reach your weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals? (Not to mention make it more fun!)  What if I gave you a few simple ideas that would make getting healthy a new “thing” that you do with your friends?  Do you exercise and …Read More

  2. The Why, How & What of Detoxing

    2017 is here and if you’re like me you’re probably carrying around some extra holiday bloat. My family’s heavy appetizers always get the better of me! This blog is part two of my two part Detox blog series.  Part 1: The 10 Foods/Drinks That Bloat You and Why  Part 2: (this blog) The Why, How…Read More

  3. 10 Foods That Bloat You & Why

    The New Year is almost here and I am sending this out to you so that you can jump start your metabolism with full force in 2017!  Inflammation, water retention, and bloating all basically mean the same thing – your body is holding extra fluid which slows down your metabolism, negatively impacts y…Read More

  4. The Right Nutrition Plan Can Enhance Your Athletic Performance

    What you eat and drink is just as important as how hard you train when it comes to sports performance. But just as a training program needs to be specific to your needs, so must a sports nutrition plan – to help you perform your best and grow stronger. Nutrient requirements vary based on your size…Read More

  5. Halloween to the New Year – Surviving the Holidays

    Every year starting with Halloween, going through the Christmas holiday, our houses are filled with delicious treats of every variety.  From your refrigerator to your pantry to the “secret” treat drawer, it’s a landmine of candy, chocolates, cookies and more.  The holidays are a time to gath…Read More

  6. Your Food Performance Matters Too!

    Athletes have a lot to worry about. First and foremost is their sport or task. You need to train, practice your sport, engage in recovery practices, and deal with a host of other issues. Diet is obviously a big piece of the puzzle, but after every other debt is paid, how much time and effort do you…Read More

  7. Eating Out? Skip the Burger and Fries. There are Healthy Options!

    Making the decision to go out to eat can easily be the best part of your day and something you look forward to. Choosing from a variety of meal options, having your food served directly to you and best of all, no clean up! However, for those who try to stick to a healthy diet, it may seem like a dif…Read More

  8. Take A Trip Down Healthy Lane

    Everyone has pulled over on a long drive and ravenously eaten something they regret, whether their vice is in the gas station candy aisle or on the fast food menu.  But when swimsuit season and road trip season overlap, it’s best to plan for cravings before hitting the road.  Whether you belie…Read More

  9. The Realities of Diets – Just Get Real…With Jess

    We live in a society where many people tend to gravitate toward “black and white thinking” and extremes. The health and wellness industries are inundated with examples of extremism in many forms. Everyday a new headline pronounces a certain food as “bad and ruining our health,” while promoti…Read More

  10. Someday Is Not a Day

    Hello, Friends –  Welcome to a new week!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend!  It was a great one for me, as I got to spend it (and a couple of days last week) on vacation, in Northern California wine country, with my husband and some friends of ours.  It was a wonderful getaway filled with a lot…Read More