Virtual Transformation Program Details

This program is for busy people who want to get the coaching, education and tools they need to SUCCEED. During the 8 weeks you will lose your bloat, melt belly fat, and live your life. This is the perfect plan for people who are tired of being serial dieters and who are READY to take action to achieve permanent results. Whether your goal is to lose weight, to learn how to eat healthier, or to create healthy habits that actually STICK (or all of that), this program will help you REACH YOUR GOALS.

What’s included:

  • 8 coaching videos, one emailed to you each week, with each video covering a different topic that corresponds to the week you are in throughout the program
  • Comprehensive phase guides for the 3 phases of the program (Detox, Ignite and Thrive), which include food guidelines, portion sizes, goal setting and tracking, recipes and more
  • Tools you can use for a lifetime of good health
  • You will learn how to make your nutrition work for you and with your current lifestyle
  • You will discover the secret to permanent fat loss
  • You will experience better energy, decreased cravings and improved stamina
  • Learn how to make healthy choices in restaurants so that you don’t fall of plan
  • Discover how to shift your mindset towards food and how it works to fuel your body
  • Learn the science behind eating PFC Every 3 and blood sugar stabilization
  • Learn how to eat REAL FOOD in a way that helps you achieve your goals
  • Learn how to exercise smarter, not harder
  • Learn how to manage stress better
  • Learn how to create healthy habits and a routine that is manageable for YOU