Hello, friend – I hope you are doing well!  It is blowing my mind that this coming weekend marks the unofficial start of Summer with Memorial Day!  How is it possible that it is the end of May already?

I haven’t blogged for a while and that I partially because I’ve been so insanely busy and partially because I have been working on a new adventure that I’m excited to share with the world.  I had mentioned in an earlier post that I’m an attorney and work a regular job.  I’m proud of being an attorney, and of all of my professional accomplishments.  But that’s all they are – accomplishments.  I don’t need any more of those unless they are for something truly exciting to me – the reason that I want to DO and BE more.  So I recently began a new adventure… (mental drum roll, please)…

I’m studying to become a Certified Nutrition Coach/Nutritionist!  You might be thinking… why in the world is she doing this?  She must be nuts to want to do something that is completely unrelated to anything related to the legal profession after working so hard to become a lawyer!  Well, maybe I am, but it feels really fun and exciting to be going for it!  And I haven’t felt like my “9-5” (which is really 8-5) has been fun or exciting for a while now.  While I’m VERY lucky to work for a great company with some great people, I am more than ready to do what I am passionate about.  And I’m passionate about getting and being healthy and want to help others do the same.  I can’t WAIT to open people’s eyes to the life they can have by making a few healthier choices each day – and how it’s actually a LOT easier than you might think.

Since starting my side business last year with Jeunesse, which was after I used some amazing products and followed the nutrition plan that goes with them (developed by Mark Macdonald, whose program I am using to get certified as a Nutrition Coach/Nutritionst), I’ve been able to completely reshape my body and my “healthitude.”  Yes, I just made that word up.  I am deciding that my new word means “attitude towards overall health and well-being.”  I never knew I could have such great energy, sleep so well, FEEL so good.  And it’s all because of changing up my nutrition.  It’s NOT a diet.  It most definitely is a lifestyle.  I get it now.  My eyes have been opened and I cannot wait to share what I know with others and help people improve their health and their overall well-being.  I didn’t know I had a passion for this until I lived it myself.  I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what I can do to help more people who want to get healthy but don’t know where to start or what to do.  So I’m going for it!

Is there a new adventure out there waiting for you?  Something that you have always wanted to do but haven’t given yourself the permission to do yet?  All you have to do is make the decision to go for it. J

To new adventures!