Hey everyone – It has been a whirlwind the last couple of weeks!  As I’m sure you know – life can get pretty crazy at times!  What I’m thinking about today is my concern over people’s health.  My husband I recently went to Las Vegas for a fun 3-night getaway.  We took with us all of the stuff we use each day, including protein powder, vitamins and other things.  Why not try to be somewhat healthy and stay on track while on vacation, right?  (In full disclosure, I did indulge in food and drink on vacation as well).  Well, while there, I couldn’t help but notice how unhealthy the general population seems to be.  It made me worried, and kinda sad.  Here I am, so excited to share with people all that I’ve learned about getting healthy, how to lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off, how to get better energy and sleep better… and all around us I saw people who really NEED to hear about it all and implement it in their lives.  I wanted to grab people and ask them if they wanted help so badly (but I think that may have really freaked them out and I may have been arrested).

One thought let to another, and you know what else is weird to me?  We are bombarded each day with advertisements for fast food restaurants, pizza, etc.  We’re also bombarded with advertisements for the latest in fad diets, diet pills, weight loss programs and ads for joining a gym.  It’s so crazy!  There are donut shops next door to gyms.  There are nutrition stores next to fast food restaurants.  How can people help but be distracted by the stuff that’s bad for them when they are taking action to become healthier?  It’s so unfair.  And I think it’s sad.

Seeing all of the people in Vegas (and everywhere, really) also made me think about how uncomfortable some people may feel in their skin, the ways (physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.) they may be affected by the extra weight they are carrying around, how their health is being negatively impacted by it… and how they may believe they won’t be able to/can’t change.  I’m here to tell you – YOU CAN!  You absolutely, 100%, CAN!  You know the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  Well, none of us puts on all of our extra weight in a day and it isn’t going to come off in a day.  Deciding to take action is the first step.  Making small changes, just 1% each day, adds up to major positive changes over time.  I learned that from Mark Macdonald, who designed the program that I did.  He’s so right.  And it’s so unfair for people to feel trapped when there IS a way to feel better.  And it’s simpler than you’d think!

If you’d like to “draw your line in the sand” and take control of your health, let me know.  I did it last year and I would love to help you do it, too!  I can’t begin to tell you how much better I feel overall (and the increased body confidence is a bonus!).  And if you’d like to pass out fliers with me about taking your health and life back the next time I go to Vegas, let me know.