Welcome to a new week!  It was a bit of a rough weekend for me – my husband and I were both really sick with a cold and cough (thanks to one of our kids/carrier monkeys).  Ick.  Neither of us really had an appetite, but I knew it was important to feed our bodies so that we could have the energy to take care of our 2 kids.  Plus, since starting my Health Journey last year, I knew it was critical to continue to fuel my body so that my metabolism didn’t take a nosedive.  I had a lot of time while laid up in bed and on the couch, to think about how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned.  As a Certified Nutrition Coach, I’ve learned a lot about science behind how our bodies work well when we feed them right.  As a real person – a busy wife, mom of 2 and lawyer – I have learned what I need to do to feel my best and have energy to keep up with the life I am lucky enough to lead.  So…

Today I want to share a bit about proper nutrition vs. exercise as a means to lose body fat and weight.  Something that I learned when I first started my Health Journey in April of 2015 was that weight loss is 80% nutrition and only 20% exercise.  I admit that I completely scoffed at that.  I didn’t believe it.  That just could NOT be right!  However, I was training for a half marathon at the time and had not lost any pounds or inches.  So I gave this theory a fair shot.  Lo and behold, I dropped 7 pounds the first week alone!  And I wasn’t even allowed to exercise the first week at all because it is the first phase of the program that I did and that I now teach – the Detox/Cleanse!  Incredible, right?!  What I had thought was impossible was proven to be correct.  Within just 7 days, my idea of what it takes to lose weight was changed.  Eating right is more than half the battle.  It IS the battle.  After 3 months on the plan/program, I was able to drop 15 total pounds and enough inches to make me go down two pants/dress sizes.  It’s now been over a year and I’ve kept it off.

While on the couch and in bed most of the weekend, unable to exercise, I knew that I not only needed to eat to fuel my body, but that by eating RIGHT, I would be able to maintain my weight and my metabolic rate.  I thought about how lucky I am to know this and to know what to do to stay on track.  And I thought about how true it is that “You can’t outrun your fork”.  Said another way, “You can’t outrun a bad diet”.  It only took 7 days for me to believe it and adopt it as a way of life.  As a Nutrition Coach, this is the foundation of what I educate people about.  What we put into our mouths will either help us reach our health goals, or keep us from reaching them.  You cannot eat whatever you want all the time thinking you’ll just burn it off by working out.  It simply doesn’t work that way.  I’m living proof of it.  Believe me – I’m not perfect 100% of the time (I am human, after all), but I have a blueprint for success and for staying on track.  When I have a cheat/treat meal, I go BIG and I totally enjoy it.  Then, next meal, I’m back on track.

Are you ready to stop riding the “diet” rollercoaster and figure out how to eat that will work FOR you instead of against you?  As your Nutrition Coach, I can help you figure out where you’ve been sabotaging yourself so that you can reach your goals.  I’ll help you come up with a real plan that fits into your existing lifestyle.  Reach out to me to take your body and health to the next level and achieve real, permanent results.